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    About the Faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences was established in 1959. Today it is still growing, with dynamic expansion taking place in its academic programmes, human resources and physical structure. The Faculty provides a conducive environment for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and for visiting fellows.

We offer a wide variety of programmes and courses, ranging from solid core disciplines (which embody the more traditional fields of study) to bolder regional and multidisciplinary programmes which cross departmental boundaries to explore the growing importance of Malaysia in the world. Our courses are constantly being fine-tuned to reflect the cutting edge of academia. Through these courses we are able to provide a lively and stimulating ambience for our students.

The Faculty's staff is large and dynamic, comprising academic and research staff, research associates, foreign visitors, as well as administrative, technical and secretarial personnel. The Faculty's academic community maintains a proud intellectual tradition, while being sensitive to and exploring a whole range of contemporary issues. The student population of the Faculty comprises 1,750 undergraduates and more than 500 graduate students, a number of whom have come from foreign countries to avail themselves of our fine academic traditions.

    About the Portal

The Malaysian Civilization Portal is a project by the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Malaya to showcase research and work on Malaysia carried out by members of the Faculty and those associated with it. The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Malaya is one of few academic institutions in the country that has strength in all Asian civilizations – Malay, Islamic, Chinese, Indian, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and aborigine studies, based on various disciplines including Geography, History, English, Anthropology, Sociology, International Relations, Gender and others. The portal will draw its contents from these expertise and strength.

Befitting the ongoing global digitization of information, the portal will take the form of a web-based database to be accessible for all who are interested in the study of Malaysia. It is the hope of the Faculty that the portal will serve as part of University of Malaya’s contribution to the advancement of knowledge – especially on the uniqueness of Malaysia as an area of study.

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